Focus On: Senses Roller Blinds

Focus On: Senses Roller Blinds

Focus On: Senses Roller Blinds


Focus On: Senses Roller Blinds

At Rainbow Blinds, we fit many different kinds of Window Blinds. One of our most popular is the Senses Roller Blind. The Senses Roller Blind is the perfect window covering for any room in your home. They are available in a broad range of textured, plain and patterned fabrics as well as specialised materials such as blackout and fire-resistant.

With an aluminium or PVC fascia and co-ordinated fabric wraps or inserts, choose from over 200 fabrics to achieve a dramatic look in the most stylish, safe and practical.

One-Touch Operation!

Senses' Slow-Rise' is one of the most sophisticated and beautiful of the whole range and has an adjustable rise speed and stop variables, giving you a genuine one-touch experience.

Having no cords or chains or cords not only makes it one of the safest possible window covering available but also one of the most striking in a visual sense. Senses' Slow-Rise' almost mimics the features of an electric blind – without the costs. You can set your senses blinds in your home to rise and stop at the same level every time.

Safety & Style

Senses window blinds have been designed to be as safe as possible. Everyone should be aware of the dangers of chords and chains to young and small children. Senses blinds deal with this worrying problem and is a very wise solution for your home. There is also an extensive range of safety components available for use with standard Senses chain operated systems. 

Some of the benefits of installing Senses Roller Blinds include A 'perfect' fit - NO Gaps which is what we all want. They look really luxurious due to the co-ordinated fascias and interchangeable end caps. As we mentioned earlier Senses Roller Blinds can be fitted using a variety of materials and one of the most popular is the blackout option. Perfect for providing excellent privacy and blocking out light in any room throughout the house.

Choose the right material to deliver either a classic or contemporary look. Senses Roller blinds really have it all.

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“THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Can not praise the guys at Rainbow Blinds enough. My original supplier let me down ... and Rainbow Blinds stepped in at the last minute to save the day. Party was superb. Thank you”

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