The Rainbow Blinds Family Story

The Rainbow Blinds Family Story

The Rainbow Blinds Family Story


The Rainbow Blinds Family Story - Beginning in 1984

George Stansbury (Rainbow Blinds Founder) left school at 15 years old and, originally, wanted to be joiner. He married Dorothy in 1970 had three children, Colin, Jillian & Douglas.

In relation to his dreams of being a joiner, things didn't go to plan and fortunately George ended up starting as an apprentice engineer at Weirs Pumps, Cathcart, Glasgow.

George served his time and, as an engineer, eventually leaving to join an American company called Gray’s Tools (East Kilbride) in 1979. As previously mentioned, life doesn't always go to plan and George was, through no fault of his own, made redundant in 1981. Whilst working with Grays George was working part-time with Wholesale Blinds. This is where he picked up his initial skillset(s) within the Window Coverings Sector.

George and Dorothy (his wife of 14 years at the time) decided to start their own company and subsequently created Rainbow Blinds. As they embarked on this dream both of them started with the common theme of High Quality Blinds at an Affordable Price... still something the family believe in today in 2024.

The company had various locations throughout Glasgow over the years with their main 'shop and production space' being located in Rutherglen. The business flourished with a great reputation and a real connection to the families that they worked for. All the children had a good work ethic (like their Mum and Dad) and had jobs on school holidays and Saturdays, occasionally working at the Rutherglen workshop. Colin, in particular, worked on and off in the business since the age of 14 (1986) until finally going full time in 2002.

Colin took over company Rainbow Blinds in 2014 as George 'tried' semi retirement ... but never really stayed away. : )

Sadly George succumbed to Cancer in 2016. Leaving a massive whole in the family and, indeed, the whole community.
Colin eventually drafted in the help of his wife Veronica and their 2 children Katie & Tori helping where and when they could, whilst pursuing their own careers at University.

As we celebrate our 40th year in business we would like to dedicate this small post (and quick story of our Rainbow Blinds life) to George.

See you soon.

Colin (and Family).

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“The service we received from Colin at Rainbow Blinds was absolutely superb. I would not hesitate in recommending them”

Claire Jones

“THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Can not praise the guys at Rainbow Blinds enough. My original supplier let me down ... and Rainbow Blinds stepped in at the last minute to save the day. Party was superb. Thank you”

John Miller

“Really pleased with the blinds that Rainbow Blinds installed. Couldn't believe how much value for money we got. 10 out of 10!”

Louise Bannon